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Creating a cleaner world, together

ENCA ( ENVIRONMENTAL CARE ) is dedicated to providing the best environmentally sustainable products and services to our customers. To achieve this, we have established two divisions: one focusing on electric powertrain systems and the other on vehicle thermal management systems. Our mission is to protect the environment and save the planet. We are engaged in the R&D, production, and offering of new energy vehicle powertrain systems, hydrogen fuel system accessories, and thermal management systems for new energy commercial vehicles.

We are proud to have formed a joint venture with Cummins (through Cummins’ acquisition of EDI) and to have established strategic partnerships with other world-renowned auto parts companies, such as EATON and DANA TM4, to promote the development of new energy vehicles. Our hybrid power system and pure electric power system products have been widely used in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other regions, and have received many positive feedbacks. To introduce international advanced technology and talent, we launched an International R&D center in Waterloo, Canada, in 2018.

We believe in “Environment Protection, Independent Innovation, Win-Win Cooperation,” and we are committed to helping our customers build efficient and reliable pure electric or hybrid electric vehicles, contributing to a cleaner world for future generations.

Our Core Values

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Always making decisions that benefit the organization in the long-term. This includes taking into consideration the environmental, social, and economic impact of all decisions.

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Taking ownership of our actions and decisions, and ensuring that they are made with accountability and never project onto others.

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Consistently striving to demonstrate integrity in all of our actions, from customer service to environmental practices, we embrace a culture of trust and respect.

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Empowering one another to embrace change and take risks to create new and better solutions for our customers, and for the world.

Our Mission

At ENCA, we strive to foster a culture of creativity and collaboration, encouraging open dialogue and innovation. Our team is comprised of diverse individuals, each bringing a different set of skills and experiences to the table, allowing us to create clean energy solutions that are tailored to our customer’s needs.

Our Vision

We aim to function as a vehicle electrification solution partner for vehicle manufacturers to assist them in making the desired vehicles for their customers’ needs. Whether it involves creating a new electric vehicle or retrofitting their existing vehicles, we are committed to providing customized solutions to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

ENCA’s History

  • 2011: ENCA was founded
  • 2016: Joint Venture with EDI (California company)
  • 2017: ENCA Thermal Management Systems was founded
  • 2018: Cummins becomes shareholder of the company through the purchase of EDI
  • 2019: Establishment of Canada R&D center
  • 2020: Establishment of New Zealand office
  • 2022: Cooperation with our Canadian partners to export our first fleet of electric trucks to North America

Our Product Promise

1. High Quality
2. Certified Supplier
3. Zero-Emissions
4. Quick Charging
5. Cost Saving
6. Ultimate Range

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We’re a team of
passionate dreamers,
designers and builders.

We believe that powerful ideas come from powerful and unique perspectives. That’s why we invest in our team and have created a culture that is comprised of diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity.
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